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Kids Bootcamp
Little Prodigy (2-4 years)


Little Warriors (4-7 years)

12 & 14 april (ages 4-7)

Juniors (8-11 years)


Teenagers (12-18 years)

19 & 21 APRIL (AGES 8-13)

Kids BJJ


For boys & Girls 4 - 13 years old

Why Parents Enroll Their Child In BJJ At An Early Age...

The ability to defend yourself can be the most underrated skill of all. Kids defend themselves from stronger and heavier opponents (or bullies) WITHOUT striking, kicking, or punching. BJJ can be adaptable to real-life situations, and potentially life saving.
By learning through games and creative activities, kids get to develop their balance, coordination, body awareness and spatial awareness – all while having fun, letting out their energy, and getting fit! Kids who understand how their limbs move in relation to the techniques end up developing better coordination and improved flexibility.
Bullying is a real concern at school, this sport will give your child confidence – that deter bullies. Rather than screaming and punching boards that create a false sense of confidence, your child will learn how to escape uncomfortable positions or avoid being pinned underneath a bigger and stronger attacker. Our BJJ kids will have the tools and confidence to physically defend and look after themselves.
The sport allows children to nurture their social skills in a fun, safe environment with children of different ages, gender, cultures and abilities. When your child trains with other kids, he/she will develop trust and build stronger bonds with teammates. Many life long friends have been made through this sport!
BJJ is not just a physical sport, but it requires a huge amount of focus and active listening to the Instructor and opponent.

Your child will be engaged in both a physically and intellectually stimulating martial art that requires them to activate different learning senses such as hearing, touch, and sight.

Our BJJ Instructors will talk students through the steps of the technique as they display it. If the child talks to their friends whilst the Instructor is explaining the move, or if they’re not listening – when it comes around to practicing the move, they probably won’t know what they’re doing.

Your child will very quickly learn how important it is to focus and respect others.
Training at our academy will provide an outlet for children in which to channel aggression and excess energy.

Our children’s programs focus on developing behavioural and attitudinal aspects inherent with martial arts such as respect, confidence, discipline and self-control.

Through providing a fun and safe atmosphere for kids, we can foster a healthy environment in which they can learn and develop not only self-defence skills, but life skills as well.

They learn BJJ as a tool for personal growth and development, not as a weapon to cause harm. Once ready, they will be sparring daily in class, often with children who are bigger and more experienced than they are.

More often, not winning every match will teach them humility and respect. Kids learn to treat others, as they want to be treated. Often, kids who were violent or highly distracted before they joined our academy, have completely changed to become respectful, non-violent.

Some parents have reported that their previously hyperactive child has become more manageable at home/school after joining our BJJ program.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a very unique martial art that helps your kids in many different ways. At Perth Martial Arts Centre we believe that practicing BJJ is a great way to achieve individual development and personal growth.

What makes BJJ so attractive is that it offers a peaceful alternative to other martial arts or sports. It allows your child to defend themselves from stronger and heavier opponents WITHOUT striking, kicking or punching. This is done through the self-defence technique of leveraging power to handle/win physically aggressive and stronger individuals.

Often called “the gentle art”, our program is designed to teach technique through functional games, aiming to improve your child’s agility and flexibility in a fun, friendly and interactive manner.

Our instructors are world class, with over 15 years of experience in BJJ and Australian best, our BJJ program is run by Prof. William Dias and Prof. Paulo, let your children take part on this everlasting experience.

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Meet Our Happy Parents and Students!

Natasha Alibegovic
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Warmth. Family. Belonging. The family who run PMC are truly the salt of the earth and it really reflects in the culture and atmosphere of this gym. The calibre of coaches are world class. I am consistently blown away by the level of love, kindness, patience and respect that is shown to all the kids that train. It is amazing to watch how these phenomenal coaches can transform even the most scared, shy and nervous newcomer into a confident, kind and happy little warrior.
Mmm F
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Family! its a continuation of your family outside your house, everyone willing to help, a place that you forget your "outside" problems and you get to focus on yourself, where you are your biggest challenge, and you get to learn and improve yourself. Its more than a filosophy. Thanks to all instructors and students helping me developing my game and skills.
Brendan English
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Me and my daughters have been training here for over a year now. The instructors are always friendly, you can truely see that they care about their students, the professors technical knowledge is unmatched and you would be hard pressed to find any better in Australia let alone globally. I would recommend this gym to anyone at any skill level.
Lydia Olsen
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Great family business with friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Very professional and high quality teaching, would highly recommend.
Ryan Hart
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With an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere, PMC is simply one of the best BJJ academies in Australia. The instructors are both world-class competitors and extraordinary teachers. If you're looking to join a great martial arts academy, PMC has it all!
Reece Ridgway
Read More
PMC is an amazing place to train whether it’s to get healthy, learn to defend yourself or excel in competition, professor William Dias and Mestre Goioere are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals and be your very best. So glad I found this place and couldn’t imagine not training here for as long as I live in Perth.
Carol Abdalla
Read More
Can i just say wow! This place has very friendly staff along with the people that frequently attend the gym. At first i was a bit unsure wether this was for me, but after having tried both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira i new that this would help me stay active and learn new skills. I mean the come on!! the coaches are world class champions, like yes please. 10/10 👍👍