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The ability to defend yourself can be the most underrated skill of all. You can defend yourself from stronger and heavier opponents WITHOUT striking, kicking, or punching. BJJ can be adaptable to real-life situations, and potentially life saving.

As a form of martial arts, BJJ instills self discipline at the onset. From the rigorous training and goal oriented system, each step is meant to promote self discipline in students.

Expect to see a lifestyle change when training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Being a full body workout, BJJ significantly improves cardiovascular health and promotes better mobility and endurance.

There’s no greater confidence booster than knowing you’re at your best physically and mentally. In addition to developing practical skills, you learn to take on new challenges and overcome failure.


Meet Our Happy Students!

Gustavo Romani De Oliveira
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World class coaches and great atmosphere! Everyone is very welcoming and helpful students and coaches alike. They have two centres with a very accommodating timetable.
Mel Pearce
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A professional but community minded club. Emphasis is on technique, attitude and respect. Best around 👌
Erica Cole
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Highly recommend PMC! Friendly atmosphere with a amazing people who take the art of BJJ and capoeira seriously. Can’t think about a better place to train.
Jordan Wilson
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Paulo & Will Dias are true gentleman of the Gentle Art and among the best coaches in Australia
Ryan Hart
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With an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere, PMC is simply one of the best BJJ academies in Australia. The instructors are both world-class competitors and extraordinary teachers. If you're looking to join a great martial arts academy, PMC has it all!
Reece Ridgway
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PMC is an amazing place to train whether it’s to get healthy, learn to defend yourself or excel in competition, professor William Dias and Mestre Goioere are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals and be your very best. So glad I found this place and couldn’t imagine not training here for as long as I live in Perth.
Carol Abdalla
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Can i just say wow! This place has very friendly staff along with the people that frequently attend the gym. At first i was a bit unsure wether this was for me, but after having tried both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira i new that this would help me stay active and learn new skills. I mean the come on!! the coaches are world class champions, like yes please. 10/10 👍👍