PMC Goioere BJJ ranking comp 2017

Perth Martial Arts Centre is proud to announce the winner of the Goioere Bjj Ranking Competition 2017. The Ranking Competition is an incentive for students to participate in different competitions here in Perth and throughout Australia. The prize for the number one competitor is a trip to Abu Dhabi to represent PMC at the UAE World Pro in April 2018.
We chose 6 different competitions and ranked them by difficulty, students would add up points by placing 1st 2nd or 3rd, at the end of the year all points are officially added and that’s how the winner is decided, students also get points for participating.
After a full year of competitions the winner who will be going to Abu Dhabi is: Chas Te Aute. Chas is a white belt who’s been training for just over a year, even with his working away commitments Chas dedicates himself and trains very hard. We are confident Chas will represent the school at the highest standards.


Chas’s journey;
Perth Cup 1st and 2nd
Australian Cup 1st and 1st
Pan Pacific 1st
WA State 1st and 1st
Total Points: 167


Top 5 also received a brand new gi.
Chas te Aute
Christian De Silva
Russel M.
Reece Ridgway
Tim Thompson


PMC is proud to award its athletes and will be running the competition again in 2018.
See you all on the mats.