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November 28th 11am

PMC MALAGA – OPEN DAY 28th of November at 11am

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      Try your first
      class with us
      for FREE!

      Contact us below or view our
      timetable for more information

      Why choose us?

      Everyone is


      We welcome all ages, genders and fitness levels to join our classes.

      Choose from a range

      of disciplines

      We offer multiple disciplines of martial arts all under the one roof.

      Increase your fitness

      and co-ordination

      Get fit fast and challenge yourself by getting involved.

      Be a part of a healthy


      Build your confidence and make new friends in a positive and fun community

      Family and

      Kid friendly

      We have special packages to suit families who train together.

      Clean and

      Safe Environment

      We keep look after our gym just as much as we look after our students.

      Authentic Instructors

      at an International Level

      Our instructors are qualified at an international level, sharing a huge range of skills and knowledge.

      Top Ranked

      Competition Team

      Our team have national and international champions, and rank among the top in the country.

      What do we do?

      The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu philosophy is to transform into a supremely secure and confident individual, through discovering and utilizing the self-defense technique of leverage power, thereby creating the possibility to win against an opponent who is physically stronger and heavier.

      Our Kids Martial Arts program helps your little ones develop a range of skills: co-ordination, fitness, and confidence in a healthy fun and community environment.

      Capoeira is a dynamic and spectacular multi-disciplinary cultural, sport / art form which draws on the rich tradition of Afro-Brazilian music, dance, story telling, theatre and self-defense. The cultural and oral tradition of Capoeira evolved from the history of the African people’s will to resist transportation from Africa and to survive enslavement in Brazil. From its beginnings Capoeira practice has been about strengthening the body and spirit of those who practice it by connecting them to their community.

      Muay Thai is an ancient art of self defense that is intertwined with the Thai people. It has grown in recent years into a popular sport, not only in Thailand but around the world.

      Cardio Boxing is a great way to stay fit for all ages. High energy and designed to get you moving and burning calories, our instructors will motivate you to reach your full potential with fun high intensity classes focused on pushing your fitness to the next level.

      Meet our team

      Master Goioere

      3rd Dan Black Belt BJJ

      3rd Grau Master Capoeira

      • 2 times world champion (Capoeira)
      • 3 times medalist Muzenza world championship (Capoeira)

      40+ Years martial arts experience

      William Dias

      2nd Dan Black Belt BJJ

      • 3 time Australian Champion (AFBJJ)
      • 5 time Pan Pacific Champion (AFBJJ)
      • 7 time Western Australia Champion (WAFBJJ)

      Try your first class with us for FREE!