Perth Martial Arts Centre

At Perth Martial Arts Centre we welcome all ages, genders, and fitness levels. We offer multiple disciplines of martial arts including BJJ, Capoeria, and Muay Thai, all under one roof. Our classes are all run by instructors that are qualified at an international level, sharing a huge range of skills and knowledge with their students. We have a diverse range of membership options designed with your needs in mind. We hope to see you soon!

Our Mission

Our mission is to support your goals, whichever they are, to get fit, as a way to destress, to boost your confidence, socialise, meet new friends, or even if you want to become the next world champion, at PMC we cater for everyone, regardless of age or fitness levels, we encourage and solidify people’s quality of life and well-being through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the other martial arts we offer, we believe in social and personal transformation, going beyond sports and competitive education, focusing on the improvement of the human being as a whole in society, valuing human relationships and sense of belonging to a family.

PMC is a reference in the martial arts training segment with world class, highly qualified instructors and a modern training methodology. We promote a safe, ego free environment for all. At PMC your well-being and development is our biggest commitent.

Come become part of our family.

Why Choose Us?

Increase your fitness & co-ordination

Get fit fast and challenge yourself by getting involved.

Clean and Safe Environment

We keep look after our gym just as much as we look after our students.

Top Ranked Competition Team

Our team has national and international champions who rank among the top in the country.

Be a part of a healthy community

Build your confidence and make new friends in a positive and fun community.